7 Easy & INEXPENSIVE ways to update your home...

Dated: October 19 2019

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Updating your home is something most home buyers and sellers think about all the time. Whether your looking to sell your home and it needs some sprucing up, or you are a buyer looking to make some adjustments to a home your looking to buy. It's very exciting making things new but people tend to be nervous about thier budget and if they can fit every renovation they want into it. Although I can not promise every tip in this blog will fit exactly into your price point, these details are sure to turn heads and make your home look fabulous without breaking the bank!

1. A couple buckets of paint, can help you more than you think. Sanding and painting your front door, adds curb appeal to your home. A fresh coat of paint espcially in a complimenting darker or lighter color of your house, makes it pop and stand out. Making an impression before anyone ever walks into your home is a HUGE advantage!

2. Buy new cabinet handles and knobs for your kitchen and bathroom. You can always paint your cabinets as well, which can add value, but if your just looking to spend a little bit of time and energy and want to kick your house up a notch, changing your handles could be just as nice!

3. Add visable storage! Everyone needs and loves storage space. I, myself, always have too many tioletries in my bathrooms and way too many bath toys for my kids. Making floating shelves above a tiolet is easy and inexpensive. Paint them any color, give it a rustic feel , or even a bright accent color, the choice is yours. In doing this your home is at yet another advantage! Storage is a must, your just making it unique and beneficial!

4. Upgrade your fixtures! You can paint the exsisting faucet you have or buy an inexpensive finished faucet and pair it with matching knobs or handles on your vanity! By doing this your making it look like a brand new bathroom or laundry room without a whole renovation!

5. LANDSCAPING! Catching the eyes of people before they even step foot in your home is a huge deal! Upgrade some of your outdoor landscaping. Maybe add a flower bed border, make a path going out into your yard or to your patio, stain your deck or patio! Use old tires as an accent for a flower bed! The possibilities are endless!

6. If you are planning to invest START IN THE KITCHEN FIRST! You will find you will get the most out of your investment! Granite countertops in this area start as low as $29.99 per sq. ft. installed! Thats only a few dollars more than laminate! Changing your countertops from laminate or tile , to natural granite, will add so much to your kitchen! Not only is it beautiful but it's also extremely durable, not to mention it is a HUGE selling point for potential buyers!

7. Add some Crown! Crown Molding is not very costly and not that difficult to put up. It is classic,elegant and really could transform a room! From the living room to the kitchen, crown upgrades any room you put it in!

I have a ton more tips amd ideas for homeowners and buyers! If you would like to talk to me about what you can do to sell or buy a home , please feel free to email or call me anytime! I also will be doing blogs weekly on different real estate topics, if you have any ideas you would like to hear about from a realtor, please email me them! Till next time... Happy Buying & Selling!!!

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7 Easy & INEXPENSIVE ways to update your home...

Updating your home is something most home buyers and sellers think about all the time. Whether your looking to sell your home and it needs some sprucing up, or you are a buyer looking to make some

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