6 Reasons why using a REALTOR® is a NO BRAINER!

Dated: February 12 2020

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The time has come and your looking to BUY or SELL a property...

Seems easy enough , right? Here's 6 Reason why using a Realtor is extremely beneficial to you!!!

1. THE MLS - When you decide to list a home on your own and post it to Criagslist or Zillow, that is the only marketing you are promoting for your property, other than a FOR SALE sign in your front yard. Imagine being able to market your property to every single board of realtors in your area. The MLS is just that! It is your home coming up on all the Realtors radars in the surrounding areas, so EVERYONE with buyers can see it. That seems like a much quicker way to get your home sold, right?!?

2. 99% of the time, SERIOUS BUYERS, go through a Realtor - Going off of my first point. Most of the time a serious buyer is going to work with a Realtor. They want someone to help them and lead them in the right direction, because for most buyers this is a whole new world. So they are going to want thier Realtor to send them all the possible options, and what do Realtors work off of 100% of the time, the MLS. Sure you can get a call from someone on a website who saw a listing of your home, but are they serious and preapproved with a mortage company? You dont want to waste your time and thiers!

3. Dont come to the Negotiating Table, helpless!!! - So you find the house you want , or you have an offer on the home you've listed. With almost all offers, comes negotiation. Do you know for sure what deal, is a solid deal? If you go in not knowing for sure or having someone who does, things can fall through or you can get burned depending the situation. Realtors do this for a living, we've seen and dealt with all kinds of situations. Let us take the heat!

4. Do you LOVE doing endless paperwork that you dont understand? No?!?! Well than you most certainly should get a Realtor. Not only is there a ton of paperwork you will need to fill out and file BUT there are also very VERY costly mistakes that can be made if you make an error. Not just costly for your wallet but also in terms of laws being broken. These types of repercussions are on the REALTOR never on YOU when you work with one!!!

5. We have so many connections. Take Advantage!- Realtors know and work with the best in business! Need a contractor to fix that floor? Need a plumber to fix the pipes? Need a mortgage lender ? Or an Inspector? Or how about an awesome lawyer to answer some of your questions or for handling a title issue?! Guess what?! I have some of the best in my phone right now! BOOM, and just like that problem solved! Dont sweat it sweetie, I got you!

6. YOUR "ZESTIMATE" IS NOT ACCURATE!!! - This goes for buyers and sellers! The "Zestimate" you may get on your home is NOT going to be an actual reflection on what your home will actually go for on the Market. Also the Zestimated Mortgage that Zillow will give you as a buyer is NOT an accurate reflection on what you will actually pay a month for a Mortgage payment. There are a ton of factors that play into BOTH of these numbers! I know our society is a busy one , where we want to be able to get numbers right away. But trust me when I say, go through an actual Realtor, not a website, before setting your heart on such a big investment.

I hope this blog has been helpful and given some insight! Please never hesitate to call or email me with any of your Real Estate questions!


Brooke Rowe, Realtor, Classic Properties

570.861.4426      browe@classicproperties.com

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